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A smarter framework for designing effective workplace wellness programs Workplace Wellness That Works provides a fresh perspective on how to promote employee well being in the workplace In addressing the interconnectivity between wellness and organizational culture, this book shows you how to integrate wellness into your existing employee development strategy in creative, humane, and effective ways Based on the latest research and backed by real world examples and case studies, this guide provides employers with the tools they need to start making a difference in their employees health and happiness, and promoting an overall culture of well being throughout the organization You ll find concrete, actionable advice for tackling the massive obstacle of behavioral change, and learn how to design and implement an approach that can most benefit your organization Promoting wellness is a good idea Giving employees the inspiration and tools they need to make changes in their lifestyles is a great idea But the billion dollar question is what do they want, what do they need, and how do we implement programs to help them without causing harm than good Workplace Wellness That Works shows you how to assess your organization s needs and craft a plan that actually benefits employees Build an effective platform for well being Empower employees to make better choices Design and deliver the strategy that your organization needs Drive quantifiable change through creative implementation Today s worksite wellness industry represents a miasma of competing trends, making it nearly impossible to come away with tangible solutions for real world implementation Harnessing a broader learning and development framework, Workplace Wellness That Works skips the fads and shows you how to design a smarter strategy that truly makes a difference in employees livesand your company s bottom line....

Title : Workplace Wellness that Works: 10 Steps to Infuse Well-Being and Vitality into Any Organization
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ISBN : 1119055911
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Language : English
Publisher : Wiley 1 edition June 15, 2015
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Workplace Wellness that Works: 10 Steps to Infuse Well-Being and Vitality into Any Organization Reviews

  • Ryan Black
    2019-04-22 19:50

    I would highly recommend this book to any all all health professionals and also to managers of human resources who are looking to enhance your employees satisfaction and performance. Not only do the contents provide a variety of techniques for individual success as a health promoter, but even more importantly how to properly recognize workplace culture and create a movement that benefits the whole company. Being a recent college graduate in health promotion I am much more confident stepping into the field of workplace wellness with the guidelines, references and stories provided in this book. The setup and organization of this book really show how to properly start a wellness movement in the workplace, how to make sure it grows and engages employees with an excitement for change, and how to make the program stick and create meaning within a positive workplace culture that eventually drives itself towards better health. I really like how this book does not start and stop with health and wellness from a physical standpoint but elaborates on how a successful comprehensive wellness program takes into account other intrinsic motivators that are critical to engage people in the workplace to find their better selves and drive a successful team forward.

  • Robin Thomas
    2019-05-12 18:14

    Laura Putnam's book, Workplace Wellness that Works, is written for the corporate wellness coordinator in mind, but is also valuable for anyone who is working with a group of individuals who are interested in improving their health, productivity and general well-being. There are plenty of books that give health tips, activitities and check lists for wellness programs. Ms Putnam brings a uniques approach that increases the effectiveness of workplace wellness programs as it changes the mindset of all involved through true community involvement.

  • SamiSays
    2019-05-05 19:12

    This book is a terrific what and how-to guide on workplace wellness. One of the things that I liked most and what stood out for me is the continuous positive flow; the way in which Ms. Putnam immediately and purposefully invites you to see yourself as agent of change and then to imagine what is possible, both of which are the critical ingredients to what workplace wellness really is about which is organizational culture. Self-awareness is key not only for leaders, but for every single person who works in an organization and that is who she is speaking to with this book. And that's a LOT of people! Building, shaping or changing organizational culture is everyone's job, not just the leader, which is why this book is so galvanizing as it is chock full of activities that anyone can do either in a one on one with a colleague, as leader or member of a team or committee, or with an entire organization. Similar to the culture imperative she describes, Chapter (Step) 7 provides what I believe to be critical clarifications between participation and engagement. To wellness professionals, committee members or HR persons charged with developing wellness programs, these are seldom understood concepts that can make a huge difference in how you approach this project and its consequential success. Ms. Putnam touches nicely on the different types of motivation and the use of incentives which has become a central point of contention between the old and new in workplace wellness. The rest of the book is dedicated to getting the reader on the move (as if the book hasn't done that already!) and ends with a nice summation of where we are with wellness around the globe. It really is a fun, succinct and inspiring book that gives great foundation and food for thought.

  • sloan
    2019-05-18 18:47

    I first came across Laura Putnam when she gave an amazing webinar for WELCOA & immediately ordered this book. Now I am in the very fortunate position of studying "Workplace Wellness that Works" in even greater depth as a text book in the Workplace Wellness Ambassador Program by Kelly Wellness Consulting Inc. leading to a Workplace Wellness certification.

  • sunny grosso
    2019-04-24 00:55

    This is a how-to book with delightful insight, clarity, and personality. Laura is an excellent researcher, and presents the research in simple digestible nuggets that are readily applicable to real world work situations, and, she shares creative models to organize and prioritise the research. Probably what I loved most is the 10 step path to creating wellness at work. Laura Putnam really gets it, and sets it forward in a clear path that is at once professional and simple enough to empower anyone to succeed. Highly recommended!