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Master the latest MPLS VPN solutions to design, deploy, and troubleshoot advanced or large scale networks With MPLS and VPN Architectures, Volume II, you ll learn How to integrate various remote access technologies into the backbone providing VPN service to many different types of customers The new PE CE routing options as well as other advanced features, including per VPN Network Address Translation PE NAT How VRFs can be extended into a customer site to provide separation inside the customer network The latest MPLS VPN security features and designs aimed at protecting the MPLS VPN backbone How to carry customer multicast traffic inside a VPN The latest inter carrier enhancements to allow for easier and scalable deployment of inter carrier MPLS VPN services Advanced troubleshooting techniques including router outputs to ensure high availability MPLS and VPN Architectures, Volume II, builds on the best selling MPLS and VPN Architectures, Volume I 1 58705 002 1 , from Cisco Press Extending into advanced topics and deployment architectures, Volume II provides readers with the necessary tools they need to deploy and maintain a secure, highly available VPN MPLS and VPN Architectures, Volume II, begins with a brief refresher of the MPLS VPN Architecture Part II describes advanced MPLS VPN connectivity including the integration of service provider access technologies dial, DSL, cable, Ethernet and a variety of routing protocols IS IS, EIGRP, and OSPF , arming the reader with the knowledge of how to integrate these features into the VPN backbone Part III details advanced deployment issues including security, outlining the necessary steps the service provider must take to protect the backbone and any attached VPN sites, and also detailing the latest security features to allow advanced topologies and filtering This part also covers multi carrier MPLS VPN deployments Finally, Part IV provides a methodology for advanced MPLS VPN troubleshooting MPLS and VPN Architectures, Volume II, also introduces the latest advances in customer integration, security, and troubleshooting features essential to providing the advanced services based on MPLS VPN technology in a secure and scalable way This book is part of the Networking Technology Series from Cisco Press r , which offers networking professionals valuable information for constructing efficient networks, understanding new technologies, and building successful careers....

Title : MPLS and VPN Architectures, Volume II
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ISBN : 1587051125
Format Type : Hardcover
Language : English
Publisher : Cisco Press 1 edition June 16, 2003
Number of Pages : 504 pages
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MPLS and VPN Architectures, Volume II Reviews

  • GTFM
    2019-05-08 00:41


  • robert sanchez
    2019-05-10 00:42

    Very informative

  • Fred C
    2019-05-18 21:07

    Great buy. Buy it

  • Nicolas Michel
    2019-04-26 19:09

    Ivan Pepeljnack is a well known network guru in the world, his speciality is MPLS and this book helps you to master the MPLS VPN solutions to design,deploy and troubleshoot your network.

  • Francisco Samuel Bonete Sa
    2019-05-04 17:57

    Today I have done my 642-611 MPLS Exam. Before that, I studied the MPLS and VPN architectures. Latter, I decided to buy also the CCIP edition to study any new topic not covered by the previous edition. What have been my surprise when taking the exam and seeing several topics not covered by the CCIP edition (as EIGRP, detailed description of the LDP/TDP protocol operation and so on). I think that the way in what that book has been written, is quite confused. It is not a good starting book for the MPLS and VPN topic. I am aware that the book covers in depth several topics not related with the exam (no question at all about RR and Confederation, inter AS routing and so on) that are quite good when working with MPLS/VPN technology, but I must say that the book is not as good when trying to prepare your CCIP exam.

  • Khaled Abu El Enain
    2019-05-19 18:54

    I read this book in preparation for my Cisco MPLS exam, on my way to becoming a CCIP. I bought the 2 volumes. After reading the first one, I decided not to go ahead with the second. I work for a giant service provider, which is a fortune 500 company as well. I specifically work at the core network level. The core network transitioning from legacy SDH towards a pure IP/MPLS solution meant for me a fundamental understanding of MPLS.

  • Hao Zhong
    2019-05-12 23:07

    Ivan and Jim did a splendid job. I haven't read such a well-written book in a long time. It is perfect for not only the people who are looking for a thorough understanding of MPLS, but also the begginers who know nothing about it. All the concepts are explained in great detail, and the language is so smooth, it makes the reading an enjoyment. Since the book is mainly focused on MPLS, you will need a good understanding of how BGP works before start reading this book (such as BGP synchronization and how to get aroung it). I am sure you will like this book.

  • John Willis
    2019-05-15 22:03

    I have been looking for a good book on MPLS. This book covers Frame-mode VPNs in great detail. I have read this book repeatedly and have absorbed a great deal on Frame based MPLS VPNs. The examples presented are succinct and to the point.