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A guidebook designed specifically to teach gun users everything they need to know to select the right cartridge for their shooting needs This title is written in an accessible and engaging style that makes research fun The Shooters Bible Guide to Cartridges is packed with full color photographs, clear and detailed diagrams, and easy to read charts with cartridge data The Shooters Bible name has been known and trusted as an authority on guns and ammunition for nearly a century and has sold over seven million copies since its start Now the Shooters Bible offers readers this comprehensive and fascinating guide to cartridges Complete with color and black and white photographs showcasing various makes and models of firearms and equipment, this guide to cartridges is the perfect addition to the bookshelf of any beginner or experienced hunter, firearm collector, or gun enthusiast No matter what your shooting background is, youll learn something new This guide is a great introduction that will make readers want to seek out and get to know all the titles in the informative Shooters Bible series....

Title : Shooter's Bible Guide to Cartridges
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ISBN : 1616082224
Format Type : Paperback
Language : English
Publisher : Skyhorse Publishing 1 edition October 1, 2011
Number of Pages : 224 pages
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Shooter's Bible Guide to Cartridges Reviews

  • Arvada Shopper
    2019-05-19 22:10

    You can find more, and better, information about individual cartridges online for free, if you know what cartridge you are interested in. Otherwise, a far better choice would be 

  • VR
    2019-05-13 00:08

    This book is a 'fun' read - filled with color pictures and interesting facts about ammunition. Although it does have a cartridge dimension section in the back, so does wikipedia ... what I was hoping for was a cartridge interchangeability chart (which cartridges are interchangeable), and this book does not have such a chart. It seems to present the information in a rather random fashion, hence the 'fun' read vs. research review. It also lacks meaningful information about some popular rounds, such as the 30-06 and the 30-30 ... you get to learn about the patent violations that lead to the naming of the 30-06, but there is no page dedicated to this popular round... I 'like' the book, but it was purchased as a research tool and it doesn't quite fit that bill.

  • Poor old dad
    2019-04-25 21:11

    I'm 60. I was given my first gun at "about" age 4 or 5, and it was a Stevens Favorite in 25 rimfire. My father made it inactive by filing off the firing pin, but I had great fun hauling it around, acting like I was shooting/hunting, with a real gun. I did not fire a gun until I was 8 or 9 and it was a .270 off a bench rest. The rest of my years have me owning upwards of 50 guns - rifles, pistols & shotguns. I reload for all & cast bullets.

  • Rick S
    2019-05-11 00:56

    Very well written book and interesting to learn about the differences and development of different cartridges over the years and how new ones were developed. Also helps you pick the right caliber for what you're looking at doing with the weapon.

  • R. Thompson
    2019-05-08 00:08

    There's a ton of information in this book for someone like me who has a number of firearms but a very rudimentary knowledge of cartridges. Some of it was a bit too technical for my background, but I learned a lot now and the rest will be a good reference that I can use in conjunction with the Internet, if I need to.

  • Healing
    2019-05-06 01:06

    Great book. Lots of information and very helpful! Well worth the price!

  • LittleBearMan
    2019-05-12 22:51

    Although this work has merit to it, I prefer the other because of the greater detail in the historical context of cartridges. The section covering some of the definitions and explanitions of cartridge related lingo is useful to the novice, but I found the discussion of cartridges in related groups rather than individually, to be lacking. When I am ready for another book on this subject, I will go back to CARTRIDGES OF THE WORLD.

  • dave olmstead
    2019-04-29 01:12

    This book is packed with a lot of advanced detailed technical information. I'm sure that a lot of work went into it but it did not fulfill my needs. I was looking for something more elementary.